Yamaha Pitch Fix VST

Yamaha Pitch Fix VST 1.03

Pitch Fix processor corrects, adjusts and fixes the tuning of any audio service
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Yamaha Pitch Fix VST 1.0 is a software multi-effect processor used for correcting, adjusting and fixing the tuning of any audio service. This plug-in allows the user to adjust pitch tuning in a natural way. It is made sure that the original file format is kept intact. It also features the ability to edit the tone and format of the recording separately.

Free modification of vocal and other tuned source with wide tonal changes can be done along with pitch coloration. The Yamaha pitch detective algorithm can be used with various input sources. The master tuning option is applicable for independent control over the input and output. The pitch detective helps in improving the accuracy of the detection for the input source of the pitch. Any output pitches change can be easily customized according to the requirements of the user. The MIDI keyboard controls the pitch and for differentiating any phrase. There are short cut options available for scene memories which are effective for real time effects during the middle of the song.

Yamaha Pitch Fix can benefit the users for correcting the pitch as well as for pitch shifting. The quality and the original file format are also preserved.

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  • Customized options for pitching and editing


  • No XLR outputs
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